Criteria for Work to be Considered:

Has visual impact (i.e. you can't stop looking at it)
Designed in California
Employs excellent graphic/communication design to further positive change – economic, political, environmental, or social (see examples below)

What are ways in which the work might Further Positive Change?

  • Informs, Educates, Promotes, Inspires or Editorializes around a particular issue
  • Develops and facilitates community action
  • Provides or Is an alternative or solution (new economic models, resources' use, ways of reaching audiences, etc.)

What can be considered for inclusion?

  • Any and all visual media (web, print, motion, environments, etc.)
  • Campaigns or single pieces
  • Commissioned or self-initiated

How to Submit Work

  1. Join our Flickr Group:
  2. Add the projects (snapshots, screengrabs — whatever best represents the projects)
  3. Add title and description info

How work is chosen

Ten to twenty projects will be chosen from the Flickr Group to be included in the California Design Biennial Exhibition. The selected projects best demonstrate distinctive California graphic design thinking/making that furthers positive change. In addition, the Flickr Group will be made publicly available during the show so that all submitted projects can be shared.


GOOD Media GOOD has led the way in creating the model for a more socially-connected publishing and media company. Through their thoughtfully designed Transparency sections in each issue, hip online news segments, and smart partnering with other socially-concious brands, GOOD has become a leading voice in all things, well, good.

GOOD Magazine Examples

Barack Obama Campaign President Obama's campaign was not just a beautiful example of branding compared to often lackadaisical politic campaign identities, but it was also a new model for organizing huge groups of supporters around a digital media hub. Whether through a kinetic logo system, a smart online financing system, or his advanced use of social medias, its very plausible design played a considerable role in Barack Obama's election as president.

Barack Obama Examples

A More Perfect Union This film is, in a sense, an "editorial" on democracy in action. Through the deceptively simple performance of citizens acting out the US Constitution, designer Andrew Sloat choreographs democracy with its purest form — its people. You also can't help but smile watching this film...not a criteria for entry, but certainly a welcome trait.

A More Perfect Union by Andrew Sloat

Art in General New Commissions Program Book Series This print-on-demand book series is a cost- and resource-effective model for designing for smaller organizations. The design of the series (by studio Project Projects) also reflects the technical limitations of a print-on-demand book — embracing the constraints rather than fighting against them.

Art in General by Project Projects